Czech airsoft team



You have entered a new website version of the airsoft team. We are not military group, but airsoft club with ten-year old tradition and a group of good guys, I am sorry, misses too – The Valkyra.

We would like to bring you information about our events, activities and news from airsoft. We will not publish army nonsenses that are not connected with AS and our team. If you’re interested in promotion of your own events and team, we have no problem with that. Just contact us.




Events in the left column are updated for the near future.

Events are organized ourselves. We prepare it long time in advance, because everybody can enjoy adrenalin, fun and everything what is connected with scenario.

Renewed novelty is the type of event such a TOURNAMENT, which will be in several variations this year:

– Flagellum „fight for the flags“ – in the style of battlefield,

– War games „fight to survive“ – for the right and demanding players,

– Airsoft Elite – a few competitions does not hurt.

Then there is MilSim WICHER. We will update it during the year.


In the name of our empire, under the leadership of our general, we walk through the battlefield with the will of Odin. We leave chaos behind us with the power and smartness of Odin´s sons and we solve tasks with enthusiasm. It´s not just a game, It is live style of all of us. We are not  individuals, we are the group of good friends who understood each other. We trust one another and there is no moment without laughing. We revives our live style, we will show it eyes which haven´t seen it yet and tell ears which haven´t not heard yet.

The year 2005 was an important point when we said: „We are determined and we will not give up easy to our enemies. We will become of their nightmare.“ We are proud of our name, which becomes from event to event, bigger and bigger.

We don´t shame in front of the leadership of our general. We solve every tasks and every barriers, which stand before us, with clenched teeth. We give the best of us to the achievement and we bring the Ragnarok in the name our empire.



We are Wikings and always stay them.


Pro patria et Wiking